Mobile Tracker Owner Name & Address

Trace mobile number with name and address for any mobile numbers across India. The


application will trace owner's mobile phone number location and it will also try to find the mobile owner's name and address details. It will also help you track which mobile phone number belongs to which telecom operator so you may contact the telecom operator directly if needed.

Trace mobile number with caller name & address details

To trace mobile number owner location details in India, please enter the 10 digit mobile phone number below:

PLEASE NOTE: If the mobile number portability is utilized, the Mobile Phone Telecom Operator information will be different for the target mobile phone. MNP or mobile number portability, allows the mobile owner to transfer his/her existing mobile phone number from one mobile phone network operator to another mobile phone network provider. This way the mobile phone owner can change the mobile phone network without having to give up the existing mobile phone number. If the mobile phone owner is unhappy with the current mobile service provider, he/she can easily switch over to any of the available mobile service provider in the location. To learn more about MNP, click here: Mobile number portability.

There are many telecom operators in India, such as "Aircel Ltd.", "Bharat Sanchar Nigam", "Bharti Airtel Ltd.", "Getting into the market as Cheers Mobile", "HFCL Infotel Ltd.", "Idea Cellular Ltd.", "Loop Telecom Ltd.", "Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd.", "Now renamed as Videocon Mobile Services", "Reliance Communication Ltd.", "Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.", "S Tel Pvt. Ltd.", "Sistema Shyam TeleServices Ltd.", "Spice Communications Ltd.", "TATA Teleservices Ltd.", "TATA Teleservices Ltd. (Franchisee model)", "Telenor Unitech Ltd.", "Videocon Mobile Services", "Vodafone Essar Ltd." to which the mobile phone number can be easily switched over to as part of number portability.
The local time in India is 2017-07-23 08:20:28.

Are you getting unwanted telemarketing messages or telemarketing calls from a mobile phone number but not able to trace the caller location? You can register your mobile number with NCPR (National Consumer Preference Register) which is handled by the TRAI (The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). You can activate DND (Do Not Disturb) from your mobile phone by calling 1909 and selecting the appropriate options. You can also send an SMS to 1909 for the same. This message is same for all mobile network operators in India. Check out the various companies and their registration process to start your DND service. If you are already registered, and then check your NCPR (DND) subscription status here: Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Portal.

Are you getting harassment calls or harassment SMS messages or threats or vulgar calls or vulgar SMS messages from a mobile phone number? In the beginning just ignore the caller. But if the caller shows no sign of slowing down or giving up, you should contact nearby police station and register an FIR incase you are getting any threats or harassments or vulgar messages / calls from a mobile phone number.

Mobile phone numbering information is sourced from Mobile Telephone Numbering In India.

Mobile number tracker examples (India)

9000000 Mobile number tracker
9000001 Mobile number tracker
9000002 Mobile number tracker
9000003 Mobile number tracker
9000004 Mobile number tracker
9000005 Mobile number tracker
9000006 Mobile number tracker
9000007 Mobile number tracker
9000008 Mobile number tracker
9000009 Mobile number tracker


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